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Fine Arts


Students and teacher at a group of desks.

Monica Shores
Music Teacher

Students at Springdale have performed in three all-school concerts this year: Hispanic Heritage, Christmas, and Spring. I offer all areas of the performing arts (music, dance, and theatre). In all of my classes, students learn songs in three different languages (sign language, Spanish, and English). I do this so that no matter what language you speak you can participate. I focus on incorporating movement into learning songs as well as memorizing curriculum based lessons through music. An example of this is the song, "50 Nifty United States." Third graders held flags and memorized all 50 states in alphabetical order for their last concert. 

In addition to classes, students grades 3-6 are given the opportunity to participate in select groups after school: Acting, Singing, Stomp/Dance, or Instruments (Ukuleles and Piano). 

Mary Sedwick
Art Teacher