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Fine Arts

The Springdale Elementary art education program  provides maximum opportunity for each student to have hands-on experiences in producing art, as the program is designed to encourage perceptual awareness through the involvement of all the senses. In addition to after school art programs, our music students learn songs in three different languages (sign language, Spanish, and English) so all students can participate.

Allison Whitelock Burscough
Music Teacher


In elementary grade music classes, students will learn and practice the basic fundamental elements of music such as sound, melody, harmony, rhythm, and expression (dynamics, tempo, articulation). Students will engage in singing, playing instruments, responding to music with movement, and connecting with various cultures through music. These classes will help students develop creativity, self-expression, and problem-solving while creating music together as a team. These classes will also provide students with performance opportunities, which will help them develop a sense of ensemble, tolerance, perseverance, and rigor—enabling them to be well-rounded citizens of our global society.

Students in music class

Brian Price
Art Teacher


In elementary grade art classes, students will explore many different aspects of visual art. Students will let their creativity flow by engaging in activities such as drawing and painting with various materials. They also learn art vocabulary, explore the work of many different artists and art movements, and learn to appreciate art as it enhances our world.

Students and teacher at a group of desks.