Our Springdale Stingers are the pride of our school. Every morning, we begin our day with a Rise and Shine Time to build a sense of community in our school. We include physical activity, the Pledge of Allegience, a song "America", the school creed, and the school song. We end with a moment of scilence and exit to our classrooms to begin our day.

Our School Song
Stinger Pride

We are here to learn,
We are here to grow,
There is nothing we can't do.
We will succeed with our responsibilities,
We'll be true to yellow and blue.

We will show respect,
We will give our best,
In everything we can be.
Springdale is our school,
Our heart and mind,
Stinger pride in you and me.
Stinger pride in you and me.
Our School Creed
I am bright.
There is nothing that I cannot do.
Yesterday's failures are behind me.
Tomorrow's successes are yet before me.
And I will make today the very best day of all,
For this day begins the rest of my life.

I refuse to let others predict what I may become.
I alone hold my own destiny in my own hands.
The station of my life will always be guarded by my own hands.
My life is too precious to give it to others to handle for me.

I will aid my teacher in every way possible to ensure that my life is on the right track.
I realize that if I want to succeed, that the first step must truly be my own.
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